Join Us and Training

On occasions throughout the year we offer a 3 course training program before becoming a member of the club.

The comprehensive training covers everything needed to start taking part in an amazing sport. You will learn all about the equipment and health & safety, before training on Recurve bows. Firstly barebow and then freestyle shooting (without sights then with) and following up with the longbow.

We are privileged to have among our members Paul Curtis,
A National Judge.
County Coach (level 3)
Tutor Assessor, and Range Assessor.

Our Coaches/ Instructors are:

Head Coach. – Alan Brearley
Phina Luty
Helen Urtiaga
John Luty
Dave Hughes
Richard Davies
Richard Downer
Jane Downer

All our Coaches/Instructors are always on hand to give help and advise when needed.

For more information on becoming a member please contact us.



We have extensive facilities and equipment with which we offer several types of shoots along with indoor and Outdoor Target, Clout and 3D’s.

As well as club days and nation tournaments, we also regularly hold fun shoots and BBQ’s.

Several times though out the year we hold ‘Have a Go’ shoots down Margam Park just behind the castle. Where members of the public can join us to try there hand at archery.


Where we shoot

We are very lucky to have access to the beautiful Margam Country Park as our shooting grounds. We shoot in the Park on Monday Evenings in the summer (6pm Start), Thursday and Sunday’s (11am onwards) throughout the year.

Down Margam Park we have a large choice of shoots available. Mainly as we are fortunate enough to have access to the extensive east grounds we tend to mostly shoot clout distances of 180 yards for the gents and 120 yards for the women’s clout, as well as the option to shoot at all target distances.

We also regularly go on rove shoots around the park and for the brave we have the stoop shoot, which after a short trek uphill is a shoot.

During the colder weather from September to April we shoot in Tondu Cricket Club on Monday evenings. Sundays and Thursdays in the park weather permitting.

In Tondu Cricket Club we shoot at a distance of 20 yards at a standard 122cm Target.